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All of our years of doing rescue one could never have had such a tragedy as what happened last night. The wind was so strong it blew over my foster/partner in rescues shed over causing an electrical fire. And with sadness we are devastated to say that Gino and Josie perished in the fire. Heaven just received two great little dogs.

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Colorado is now a 501 (3) (c). Need to make that last minute tax deduction?

Our Wish List Rescue is in need of a large propane tank, leashes, collars and blankets. All donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to :Jack Russell Rescue of CO 107 E Cty Rd 70 Wellington, CO 80549 Thank you

You can also see more about JRT Rescue of Colorado on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Jack-Russell-Terrier-Rescue-of-Colorado/104166516312725

Welcome to JRT Rescue of Colorado!

Cute group of puppies Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Colorado is a regional organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and placing homeless Jack Russell Terriers into suitable and caring life-long homes.

We are committed to educating current and prospective owners on the special needs and temperament of JRTs in order to promote responsible ownership and to prevent future displaced terriers. (from the Mission Statement)

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