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Mission Statement

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Colorado is a regional organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and placing homeless Jack Russell Terriers into suitable and caring life-long homes. We are committed to educating current and prospective owners on the special needs and temperament of JRTs in order to promote responsible ownership and to prevent future displaced terriers.

JRT Rescue of Colorado includes a network of members dedicated to placing unwanted or abandoned Jack Russells, most of which are Adult dogs, NOT puppies. The volunteers arrange for emergency rescues throughout the state, and gather information designed to match appropriate permanent and temporary homes.

The majority of the dogs that end up in the Russell Rescue are unwanted simply for being Jack Russells by nature and behavior. Owners often find that they were unprepared for the care required for this high energy terrier; they did not understand the nature of the breed, and their instinctive desire to hunt. Owners are often gone all day, and therefore unable to provide the time, attention, and strenuous exercise this little dog requires. We would like to emphasize that JR's need an active lifestyle, as they are hunting dogs by instinct.


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